Pwm/Ground, Feed/Hold pins in the BitRunner v2 Plug?

I am wondering if the BitRunner V2 for the Shapeoko Pro plugs in on the end of the control box… then is there a PWM and ground pins available there?? What about Feed/Hold pins as well?? If there is then that would be a much better place to plug in for the VFD and possibly the E/Pause button. Does anyone know what pins are located in that location??

Pinout here from @norway

So yes for PWM.
For feedhold you have to tap into the feedhold signal elsewhere (it’s present on each of the three limit switches connector on the new controller, but they are MicroFit 3.0 so you would need to get a female terminal to plug it there, and pick GND somewhere too). It’s a little hack-ish but works just fine (that’s what I did for my estop button, there is a thread somewhere from someone else who did this and took pictures)


Is there a diagram anywhere of the pwm and ground pins in the BitRunner block?

It’s that part of the diagram from the link above



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