Question about Advanced VCarve Bit Changes

Am I correct to surmise that, if a file contains an advanced vcarve, but the roughing bit doesn’t have any work to do, that the NC file will not contain that bit and not prompt for it?

I ask because I downsized a design, regenerated the toolpaths and created a new NC file - then ran it - expecting to be prompted for the roughing bit first - but instead, it only listed the vee and prompted for it first. Is that what’s going on?

Correct. It may still prompt for a tool change though even if the next Toolpath uses the same V endmill.

It did not…It just kept going with the vbit…at least with this design…

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I did an advanced vcarve with #102 1/8 inch bit and #302 for the text that was 3/4 inch Arial. The text was too small for the #102 but it did limit depth and only cut with #302.

Can someone explain to me how the Advanced Vcarve differs from just Vcarve? I’m in the process of making some coasters with a somewhat detailed design. When I used Vcarve, the result in the simulation didn’t look at all like what I was expecting (very wide area being cut, even though I was only going down .05"). When I did the same with Advanced Vcarve (only using the v bit), the simulation displayed as I expected and when cut on my Shapeoko it came out looking great. And it did not ask for a second tool - as I recall, the top tool (in the tool path menu) was even greyed out.

Advanced V carving cuts the V carve around the perimeter and affords an option to clear the pocket.

V carving cuts down the middle.

As you commented regular vcarve cuts down the center of a line or two lines. If the line is fine it may only cut as deep as required to touch both sides of the line. However sometimes the adjacent lines are interpreted as one line and the vee bit will cut a vee shape as deep as required to get a center vee with sloped walls. This can cause to cut through a thin project. Even a 2 inch square can be interpreted and you get an inverse diamond shape as deep as required to get the vee. There is no way to force a vcarve to just cut a vee around the perimeter of the square. The advanced vcarve allows you to limit depth of cut and pocket the center of a 2 inch square and then get a vee shape around the outside of the square still depth limited.

Thank you very much. That makes sense. Now I just need to keep playing, to understand how to utilize the best.

Thank you for the very thorough explanation. The one thing that I have quickly learned with this CNC is how much there is to learn. It’s fun, but confusing at times. What a great community.

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