Question about milling aluminum

So my moms dog is being euthanized on Saturday, and she wants me to make a marker for the grave where she is going to bury her. I decided aluminum would be the best way to go. I ordered 2 6x12x.25 plates of 6061. I have a drag bit, and can go that route, and just cut out the final shape with an endmill, but I want to V-Carve it. Is it possible to V-Carve aluminum like you do with wood? if so what kind of bit? I have some solid carbide .25 whiteside v bits, as well as my 60 and 90 whitesides that are .50. I have never done anything with aluminum, and don’t want to do any pocket carving because I can’t get my machine square enough at this point to make a finished product I would be happy with. I am using the SO3XL with a dewalt router. Help me out here. give me your knowledge.

My one experiment w/ aluminum was:

1/8" thick 6061-T6 alu. Plate[]
Feed 215mm
Depth 0.2mm
Plunge 27mm
Bits 1/8" 2 flute carbide and V-bit

See for more


Try a YouTube search. You’ll find lots of information there on cutting metal.