Question about new shapeoko 3

I just bought an unopened shapeoko 3 for a really good price. It is an older model. Pretty sure it’s a 2015 model but my question is about the serial number. Mine is 458 and I was wondering if there is a cross reference somewhere that would tell me when it was made. It’s just strictly out of curiosity. Thanks in advance.

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We might have a list which maps serial numbers to specific model variants available at support. #458 was quite early though, I think the initial batch, so should be a “Launch Edition” machine, so:

  • belt drive Z-axis
  • open bent alu. enclosure and controller w/ Grbl 0.9
  • no homing switches
  • M3 belt anchors
  • 6mm belts
  • two-piece baseplate w/ cross straps

You can mostly update it to a current machine (the only things which won’t change will be the belt anchors) by:

Note that the M3 belt anchors are in the plates, so won’t change — in theory you could drill them out and install PEM nuts, but I actually rather like the smaller ones, for one thing they force me to slow down and get out a camera tool kit which has a wrench which fits them.

To use the machine as is you’ll need Carbide Motion 3 which is available at: Downloads


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