Question about z locking when job is stopped then cancelled

Well, I’m know this is my fault at the end of the day but I’ve just broken a bit and had damage for the second time due to cancelling a job via the Carbide Motion pause button then ending the job. The Z Axis will become unlocked in some cases and slowly lower the bit down on to the work. Then if your dust shoe is close to the work, it’s very easy to miss that it has lowered and removing the work from the bed will then break the bit.

I’ve seen other programs issue a raise z and lock command when the job is cancelled through any interface buttons. Is this something that should be in place in Carbide motion?

Strange, although I wait until it has gone through it’s pause routine before I cancel the job.

In cases like pause, resume, Stop. with the pro 5 I treat it like the wild west and my hand close to the E-STOP. Few close calls I had were toolpaths ran with Create. Vcarve software doesnt give me that anxiety. Still MOUNT your e stop close.

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