Question for the carpenters

(Luke) #41

Got room for 2 motorcycles in there?

(Michael Dovesen) #42

Workshop space; never enough of it! I had to go double story with table and drop saws, see photo. I returned my first Dewalt portable (old technology motor, no soft start, very loud). This cordless model is very impressive. I like it a lot. Incra additions made it the greatest small table saw for me. On the ground level is Makita cordless mitre saw. Wheels on this wagon allow me to position the saw to fit long pieces to go outside the workshop.

Not stating model numbers, I am in Australia, numbers may be different.
Regarding your original question; a saw is a must tool for our hobby, your CNC will help you to do planer/thicknesses work in some circumstance.

(Allyn Phillips) #43

I have had my Dewalt for 5 years now and really like it. The fence is so accurate I do NOT need a jointer. Every cut is perfect for joining boards for cutting/chopping boards. I am a hobbyist not a production carpenter but this Christmas I’ve made a dozen cutting boards for Family and friends. Plus this walnut table.

(Luke) #44

That’s what I want to hear and I must say, beautiful table!

(Dan Nelson) #45

Wheel width of stand approx 26" +/-

Folded height approx 24" +/-

Ground to handle 45"…approx

table depth (or front to back when it’s upright) 27" approx…

table width (right to left when upright) also 27" approx…

I tried wherever possible to include whatever was sticking out, knobs, handles, etc… I know these are the best photos, but maybe enough to give you some idea?

Sorry for the shaky photos, my camera crew (wife) was unavailable so I had to try to hold the camera and tape measure at the same time.


(Luke) #46

Thanks for this, pretty much spot on for what I will need I think. Now all I need to do is find one.

(Luke) #47

A little update, I’ve just ordered the Dewalt table saw, ebay had 20% off which made it a cool £350 - the cheapest I’ve seen it in the UK.

(Luke) #48

I got my dewalt saw earlier in the week. What a beast! The fence is solid as a rock and it fits in my racking with the fence off! 2 big wins!

I also went to pick up a bunch of wood from a hard timber yard, got half a palate which is plenty. I also got some monster oak that’s going to form the base of my new shapeoko bench I’m going to be making :wink:

Whilst the saw makes quick work of chopping it down I am going to need a planer to do the jointing :frowning:

That’s next months pay packet gone.

(Griff ) #49

You will find over time there are MANY things you need, must have, cannot do without…enjoy the journey.

Mind your fingers as you get used to the new table saw.

Think about investing in a Forrest blade if you can get them over there. I have three now, one since 1977. I send ‘em back to Forrest periodically for sharpening, tooth replacement. Gave my jointer to my son-in-law since I never use it.