Question Regarding Set up

Just received my Shapeoko xxl. Looking forward to getting it totally set up and ready to create.

Question #1:
I have installed my Dewalt router onto to Z Rail(gantry)and as I slide it back and forth by hand it ‘chatters’ in places along the rail.
Is there an adjustment of some sort that I need to make?

Question #2:
To tie off my router cord on the back side of the gantry, it shows to use the zip ties… but it doesn’t appear that they fit through the track.

  1. If the “chatter” is caused by stepper motor feedback from them functioning as generators and pushing current up to the stepper driver chips until they fire a pulse, no, aside from not doing that. If it’s from the V wheels binding, then see:

  2. We no longer recommend that — the router cord along the drag chain can increase susceptibility to / incidence of EMI. Please route it along the vacuum hose, or make some other arrangement to the other side.

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