Question while installing my SMW fixture plate

First off, I am super excited to finally get one of these. I have wanted one for my Shapeoko 3 since I first saw them come out and can’t wait to use it. I am currently installing it and have a question for anyone who has one. Where do these washers go?

On the product page it says washers will come with it to enable using the existing hardware to mount the plates which makes sense because the existing screws seem a little small:

As you can see in the first picture, the washers are too large to fit in the hole. Perhaps @Vince.Fab could chime in?

The washers for that hole look to be smaller, and black - at least according to the product page:

Is the shapeoko mount point a plain hole or a threaded hole? If a plain hole perhaps the washer is for the nut on the very bottom side of the shapeoko?

It looks like you were given the wrong size washers, they are supposed to fit in that slot like @Gerry pointed out.

I would email support and let them know. You’ll get taken care of

I could not find a dedicated support email on the website so I responded to my order shipment notification email. It went to I sent the email yesterday morning and have not heard back. Is there a better address to send to?

I still have not heard back from anyone. Is there a better way I should be trying to contact someone?

I just called and spoke to someone. The new washers were already shipped, they just hadn’t let me know.

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