Quick project - overhead dust collector for a router table

My third project (I missed some CNC time due to an 11 day work trip – but Ireland was awesome :slight_smile:)

I’ve found with baltic birch ply that a secondary operation to do a .050 to .075 chamfer, using a chamfer bit with a bearing, really cleans things up nicely. I don’t have great dust control on my router table so I thought I’d try making something on the Shapeoko. About 45 minutes of modeling in OnShape, toolpaths in Carbide Create, and off to cut on the XL.

OnShape model: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3144c013d5308110cade8bf1/w/d4c4022b5aabada62f9a8e80/e/bdbd6212c3f863c6ee1320eb

Carbide 3D file:
RDF_01.c2d (513.2 KB)

Report to follow on how it works and what modifications are required.


Very nice and skill - I wish I know how to dos some thing like this - I wish I have the skill

Thanks for posting your files. I look forward to your update report.

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Works well… not yet perfectly. I think I need to manage the airflow a bit more carefully. Importantly it seems to get the small stuff. I still throw larger chips.

Cool didn’t know about onshape, do you find it’s better to start models in there instead of carbide create?

Where does your dust port mount does it move with the router?

@futo - I don’t really see Carbide Create and a solids modeler like OnShape as the same type of tool. For some projects I’m going to use Carbide Create, but anything with multiple parts it really helps to be able to model how they will interact and fit. I also like to iterate my designs and that is way easier in a tool that allows you to set constraints. For example, need to move a set of holes in matching parts, move them one place and they update in the other.

The dust collector puts the pickup over the router bit while the router is in a router table.