Quickie Abstract Skull Wall Hanging Art

I have been on a design forum for like 15 years and we do a secret Santa each year.

the forum initials are B3S and a few years back someone made a dope skull logo for enamel pins… I borrowed the file and found a beat looking piece of wood and busted these out real quick, with a little 3M VHB on the backside for hanging on whatever.


Nice ! which wood is that ? The variations in color are very cool.

Honestly? No idea- it was in the clearance/random bin at the fancy wood store, and I don’t believe it was marked. It was my first time at a real wood dealer and I was pretty overwhelmed and intimidated, lol. seemed pretty neat though, and figured it’d be a good fit for this design. finished with a quick rub of danish oil.


Took me a minute but I see it now!


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mmh, it’s likely, yes.