Quiet nomad enclosure: wacky edition

(I know there have been a ton of quiet enclosures done already. Shout out to mbellon who’s work is genuinely inspiring)

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve had an idea kicking around for awhile now.

How about putting the Nomad in…A steel safe.

Now hear me out, they are:

  • Massive (literally) which dampens sound
  • Cheap (only a couple hundred bucks in my area for one a person could fit in. Often free if you can move them…)
  • Usually fireproof which is great for…reasons.

I figure it would act as a ridiculous echo chamber and amplify any sound if the doors are open. Close the doors though and I’ve got a few inches of steel completely enclosing my machine. It’s got to be quiet, right?

I’m excited to try it out, let me know if there is anything obvious in missing :upside_down_face:

And you have wiring, dust control, intake air, outgoing air. Lets get the cutting torch out to make some holes.

Love the thought

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