Radius Text same radius as circle

How can I radius the text to match the radius of the circle below?

Carbide Create doesn’t have a feature for this.

It might work to use the new Circular Array feature:

to rotate a single letter around the circle six times, then manually edit each to be the correct letter — it will be uniform spacing, but the alternative would be to either drag and rotate each letter individually or to export to an SVG, then re-set the text and use a 3rd party tool such as Inkscape:


you’d then need to convert the text to geometry using Path | Object to Path.

Using CC644:

Edit the text so that it’s a single letter:

Horizontally align it w/ the circles:

Select a circle and use the Move command to determine the location of its center:

Use Circular Array:

applying the center dimensions.

Change it to an arc:

Adjust the parameters until things line up as desired and one has the desired number of items:

Duplicate and align one of the circles w/ the original so that it can be enlarged so as to be larger than everything:

Select everything and rotate to finish the positioning:

Duplicate each letter and align the duplicate w/ the original:

edit the duplicate letter:

drag it into position relative to the original:

Delete the original:

Repeat for the other letters:

Select the letters and the outer circle and rotate as necessary:


Margie.c2d (752.6 KB)


Wow, @WillAdams ! I just never would have thought of that! I don’t know if it’s brilliant or insanely brilliant!

It should be mentioned that @robgrz mentioned that arrays on a curve is coming…so I would think attaching text to a curve can’t be far away!

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Thank you very much!

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