Rail and linear guide maintenance

Will the maintenance guide also include things like torque measurements for screws on the rails, extrusions, etc… so if I decide to have a regular maintenance schedule (maybe quarterly) I’d use a small torque wrench to make sure everything is tight enough to stay in place but without the fear of stripping any threads. I think that would be a nice addition to a maintenance guide (edit: even the assembly document).

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Aha, are they using proper reference edges for alignment now then?

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Is there any update regarding recommended maintenance for the X/Y carriages of the Shapeoko Pro? I would prefer a prolonged lifespan and these go through far more use and abuse than the Z axis. Looking online most MGN15 Carriages seem to have an oil port, but the ones used on the Shapeoko Pro do not.

Any chance you can share the carriage manufacturer so I can look through their documentation? If not I understand.

A pdf was linked from:

and we’ve had two other discussions which are linked at:


I am sorry if I seem repetitive, but I feel like you are still misinterpreting my question. The discussion you linked regarding lubricating HDZ Z carriage blocks does not apply in the context of the Shapeoko Pro X Y axis. This thread also does not explain anything. Those real Hiwin carriages all have a removable screw for lubrication. The Shapeoko X Y carriages do not.

One cannot lubricate the Shapeoko Pro X/Y carriages. These carriages have the oiling port filled with some sort of silicone, not a removable screw.

So we are limited to adding some oil to the X Y rails on the Shapeoko pro, hoping some oil from the rails getting past the carriage wipers and into the bearings? Really hope it holds up long term against fine particles such as MDF dust.

On the X/Y on the pro there are no oil holes. I investigated my pro unit and discussed with our vendor. The holes might have a small amount of grease in them, but they don’t lead into the ball bearing chambers.

We’re pretty comfortable giving the following advice:

  • Keep them dust free, wipe them down with a clean dry lint free cloth after each use.
  • Never use a water based products on them
  • The rails can be wiped down with a clean rag/cloth with a small amount of Mobil Vactra No 2 oil - be sure to clean off any excess.

Obviously if there are any issues we stand by them and they are covered by our warranty. .


In February I ordered some Mobil Vactra No 2 oil from eBay … now over 2 months later and it still has not shown up!
Pretty sad that Carbide would not include some oil in a “maintenance” kit as part of the original purchase. Also sad that this special oil is virtually impossible to find in Canada … unless I order a huge quantity

I ordered a quart of it from ebay and got it a few days later. Maybe your vendor is the problem or the customs at the Canada border is the problem. Have you contacted ebay to complain or get a status. Not sure I have said this on this post but I have on other posts. What happened to the Canada Mexico and US trade deal. I thought that was supposed to lower the barriers and tariffs and taxes on goods and services going across the border going both ways. Is it covid restrictions or was that big trade agreement only for the big guys and leaves us to flap in the wind?


Should not be that hard, try a different vendor and get a refund! I got mine in 3 days from Amazon.


We’re working on it and are looking to invest in our own bottling plant - because we cannot find a reliable vendor for small containers of the stuff.


So I ended up buying the Mobil Vactra No.2 Way Oil in the 1 Gal. format from Amazon.ca (Canada). Anyone know if there’s a shelf life to this lubricant as shelf life and service life are 2 different things? I’m assuming if I keep it in the original container and properly tighten the cap and maybe agitate it on occasion it shouldn’t get contaminated, accumulate humidity or possibly have it deteriorate over time. I’ve never used this stuff before so just wondering if it’ll be fine if it takes 5 years to empty the container or if I should have some in an oiling can and apply it to everything that makes a squeaking sound… LOL. Ok seriously I’m actually wondering how long can I keep using the stuff once opened before I’d need to consider replacing it with new stock?

Also concerning using the lint free cloth would these wipes be good to wipe clean and apply way oil for routine maintenance or are there better suggestions?

I bought 1 Litre, but if I had bought more I would find me 10/15 or so smaller suitable containers to split the gallon into.
I have heard about Nalgene making smaller bottles that are compatible with alcohol and kerosene, but I have not seen any on this side of the pond.

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I am no expert, but when you seal it after use, I would include a sheet of plastic like saran-wrap over the top before screwing on the lid, to ensure it seals. Keep it out of the sun, make sure it’s not leaking, and as long as it remains around the same viscosity, I don’t see why you cannot use it for a few years.

To check viscosity, you can get something similar to this, and time the flow of the oil right at opening. Then write that on the bottle or something, then each time you use it, recheck the viscosity.

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Has anyone looked into alternate Waylubes ?
Several companies produce it. Match the property numbers and go shopping.
$10.00 per quart

One of the properties in Mobil Vac lube is the separability, not needed for this application.
My personal observation on this is that the Linear Guides are not being properly used in this case anyhow… they are “GUIDES” not load bearing slides… but, that’s just my observation, maybe these guides are different.

Any chance you’d part with some of that liquid gold? I’m in Ontario and can imagine needing that much in a lifetime of Shapeoko.

So I spoke with an extended family member who owns a manufacturing facility. He was blown away that you can get a desktop CNC nowadays that can do aluminum. Actually I think he couldn’t even believe desktop CNC’s existed. “Back in my day…”

Anyways, I mentioned the oil and he said it’s just an ISO68 way oil. He hooked me up with a litre from one of their 55 gallon drums :slight_smile: So @MindlessCorpse, yes you can probably just look for an ISO68 way oil and be safe. I’m not an expert, but he is :slight_smile:


So when is C3D going to publish maintenance recommendations for HDZ and for s4 and spro? My hdz is over a year old and hdz has been around for some time! I know c3d has been busy but I need to protect my investment.

I need more than “We are working on IT”

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I will chase this up.

I might add that the draft of the guide reflects the advice in post 1.


Yep, thanks for finding that information. Mobil Vactra 2 is just one of many ISO68 way oils. All the major oil makers have their own flavors.

Here is one on Amazon that they sell in small bottles.


Or, $38.73 US

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