Random power loss

ok so i have been trying to figure this out with Carbide 3d tech support. no really know what is gong on So after i apply power to my shapeoko xxl. I hit the tab on my computer to allow the machine to home it self and then in runs to the front center. no problems with that. next it says to do a bit change. After that i hit resume and as the machine is moving to the right corner to the bit setter, about half way there the machine looses power. after waiting a few minutes the power comes back on. my machine has been randomly shutting down at different time over the past 3 weeks i have had it. it even shut down this am in the middle of a project. Anyone have any ideas on what might be happening.

It could be a faulty power brick, what did support have to say about that?

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It worked out great while tech support was helping me with something else it shut down and he did not know why. and today it happened mutable time and the tech support today had now idea why. i just sent them another email still waiting to hear back. new to the cnc world so thought i would ask here and see what i could figure out on my own.

Just to be clear are you losing power or getting a disconnect? These two things are very different. Are you power button lights going out or just getting a message on the computer that you are no longer connected i.e. the Connect Button is the only thing on the CM screen. Losing power will cause the CM to illuminate the the Connect but the power light will also be off if you are losing power. If the power light is still on it may just be a usb disconnect.

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