Random Stop during Job

First time seeing this issue… it’s as if I’m hitting the “pause” button during a job.

It’s stoped twice now when running a 2D Adaptive Clear operation using a 1" Spoilboard surfacing bit…

Here is what the log says at the exact moment it stops, no other error messages in CM whatsoever:

(67022): <- <Idle|MPos:-701.075,-118.600,-77.875|Bf:14,128|FS:0,1000>
(67021): <- <Idle|MPos:-701.075,-118.600,-77.875|Bf:14,128|FS:0,1000>
(67020): <- <Idle|MPos:-701.075,-118.600,-77.875|Bf:14,128|FS:0,1000>
(67019): <- <Idle|MPos:-701.075,-118.600,-77.875|Bf:14,128|FS:0,1000>
(67018): <- <Idle|MPos:-701.075,-118.600,-77.875|Bf:14,128|FS:0,1000>
(67017): <- <Run|MPos:-701.400,-120.400,-77.875|Bf:13,128|Ln:2506|FS:1110,1000>
(67016): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-128.000,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000>
(67015): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-135.625,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000|WCO:0.000,0.000,0.000>
(67014): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-143.225,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000>
(67013): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-150.850,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000>
(67012): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-158.475,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000|Ov:150,100,100|A:S>
(67011): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-166.075,-77.875|Bf:10,128|Ln:2503|FS:2286,1000>
(67010): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-173.725,-77.875|Bf:9,128|Ln:2502|FS:2286,1000>
(67009): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-181.300,-77.875|Bf:9,128|Ln:2502|FS:2286,1000>
(67008): <- <Run|MPos:-701.500,-188.950,-77.875|Bf:9,128|Ln:2502|FS:2286,1000>

Happened a 3rd and 4th time…

21.5%, 26.6%, 39%, 41.5% respectively on all 4 stops.

Ended up using a Face operation instead to complete what was left. Not sure what happened here.

Check for posts on Static issues. The same seems to happen to me more in the winter time when the air is real dry.

Try grounding EVERYYHING and if you run something like a Suckit boot make sure you ground the hose to drain the static build up there. Also check your spindle brushes. If they arc a lot that can also cause issues.

I also avoid touching the machine during operation as well… I think that is a bit more superstition on my side though :slight_smile: but you never know.

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Please see:


Oddly that was my one addition, but didn’t realize it could be the culprit. Thank you!

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