Raspberry Pi help request

Effective Monday, my wife and I are both working from home. My wife needs my spare monitor and keyboard that are currently in use on the old PC that’s running my S3. I have a Pi 3+ with a 7" touch screen and one of the kidney shaped wireless keyboards. However, I don’t know what else might be required.

What software do I need to run my S3 from the Pi? Do I need any additional hardware?

Also, what changes will this make to my workflow? Currently, I design on one machine and export the gcode to a shared drive. I pull the gcode from there into the S3 controller PC to run a job.



Here is what I’d recommend doing differently based on my experience.

  1. Use CNCjs on the Pi. I found the directions on the CNCjs Facebook group to be the best installation instructions. Be suse to install the tablet stuff too.

  2. I’d export your workflow directly to the Pi and run them files from there. I’d not run them over a network.

  3. I’d run CNCjs on the Pi from your Phone or a Tablet. I just made the switch from the full version on my Mac talking to the Pi to using a Kindle Fire Tablet taking to the tablet plugin for CNCjs. I love the change. In your case the touch screen is a good option


Adding to what @wb9tpg said, after you have installed CNCjs on the pi, you can use any device connected to your home network to remotely log into it (at http://[IP address of the raspberry Pi]:8000).
From the remote interface you can do everything needed in the workflow (load g-code files, jog, zero, run job)

If you have a probe or bitsetter, you’ll enjoy @neilferreri’s macros for CNCjs, to continue to use them in your workflow.


exactly what is mentioned above. good workflow and easy once you get over the learning curve. i believe there’s some good vids on the Tube as well showing it in use

Thank you all for the information. I really appreciate it.

John, thanks for asking. You inspired me to finally unwrap my RPi 4b 4gig

Basic NOOBS setup went fine. Followed the instructions suggested by @wb9tpg. Everything seemed to load fine but when I test cncjs I get “command not found”. Naturally. Me and software just don’t get along sometimes.

Waiting for acceptance into the FB group to ask for help. Keep us posted on your progress if you don’t mind.

I don’t think there’s an easier way to get this remote setup going than with this awesome image:
After downloading, it’ll take you 10min to be running.
@Griff you might like the octoprint side of it as well.

You can set the pi up to generate its own hotspot, so it won’t matter how the network is in your garage/shop/shed/etc. I use it at the school because our network is impossible to connect anything non-iOS to.

Go big or go home, huh?


You know me well Neil. Although I subscribe to the “get the best you can afford” maxim as well.

I got the install to work btw. Just read down the thread a bit to someone having the same problem.

I’ll dig up another SD card and try your link too.


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