Re-Do Midstream

How do I start over mid stream?
I’ve had some errors that I’m correcting as I learn. I would like to restart where I left off. Is that possible?

This question has been asked many times. Unless you are an expert at GCode…don’t do it.
Two options.

  1. Reprogram, or 2) if you are using V4+ on Carbide Motion, rerun from the beginning at 200% feed, and slow it down when it gets to the proper point.

Edit: If it is a LONG multi operation program, split it into several programs

At my level of understanding I couldn’t do either of those. Thnx tho

To restart a file:

  • take note of the current line number
  • open the G-Code file
  • select all the preamble and copy it (should be obvious, if not, see )
  • scroll down to the line noted
  • scroll up until one sees a move down from the safe/retract height — delete everything from the beginning to above that line
  • paste in the preamble
  • save under a new filename