Re organized shop

While since I received a few very nice things for Christmas I got out there and re organized my shop. Took down all the old lights and replace with new 4 foot LEDS from harbor freight 19.00 each what a big difference. Connect central dust system to everything in the shop. But up a 32 inch tv and use it as a monitor for the lap top. Now my lap top is away from the machine and have a dust cover for the tv monitor. Makes it a lot easier on the old eyes for sure. Also purchased and connect the small wireless keyboard Ben Myers recommend another great 20.00 spent. Now I just need to figure out how to get Wifi in the shop from the house. Currently using my cell phone hot spot when needing it. So not it’s time to make some dust and get the CNC xxl going. Everyone have a great 2020 and enjoy woodworking.


Most WIFI routers have a few ethernet network connectors on the back. Just wire one of those out to your shop and connect to you computer out there (perhaps through a multiport switch.)

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I have had good luck with the Eero wifi mesh system, as far as getting wifi to my basement shop/backyard hotter/3rd floor office, etc.

also, post a pic, if you feel like it- I love seeing other people’s workshops!

I have a powerline adaptor that provides service into my workshop since the WiFi of my old laptop died when it flew off a table. It is cheap and reliable, it will extend over long distance as long as there is no transformer between the router and the shop, it will even extend to the neighbors if they receive their power from the same transformer. It is extremely easy to install you plug one end in an electrical outlet near your router, run a network cable between the PowerLine adaptor and the router. At the other end, you can connect the other PowerLine Adaptor to the electrical outlet in your shop (not next to one of your motor tools) then connect your cable between the shop computer and the PowerLine adaptor, your good to go.

Alternatively, some PowerLine adaptors have a WiFi built-in or you can connect a WiFi router in your shop to the PowerLine adaptor.

or google one of three other options depending on your environment…

A. Wireless Repeater
B. Wireless Range Extender
C. WiFi Wireless Network Extender.

for my kids to have internet in our basement I used option C. Linksys made a nice extender that paired super easy with my Linksys Router. Fortunately the same router was strong enough to reach my shop/garage where my CNC is located.

I’m gonna second Rob’s comment on the picture of the workshop! I have spent more time on youtube than I’d like to admit looking at people’s workshops, but man they are great for motivation and ideas!

Will try and get some pics tomorrow

I use a relatively cheap power line adapter also. We now have gigabit fiber from our power company and I need to upgrade these as they are only 300mbit. But the two allow for good internet between my router at one end of the house to basement at the other end.
I had tried two different WiFi extenders and they were garbage. Try the power line.

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Power line adapters are IMHO ok at best… Yes they do work but they also have a nasty side effect, that depending on your environment may or may not be an issue.
They obviously ride the network signal on the power lines, to anything plugged in this will be seen as noise. I play the electric base, and all of a sudden I had a huge amount of noise coming through my bass amp. Took me a long time to realize that it was the power supplies for one of my pedals that was passing through the “Network noise”.

So if it works for you then that’s obviously great, but if you’re hearing noise in audio equipment, take a look at the adapter. Even non audio equipment may take a hit from these things.

Just an FYI . . .

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Yep, I can see amplifier having issues. No noise in any radios or other equipment I’ve got. I’ve two lasers that operate and it was the only relatively easy and cost effective way to get signal into basement.
mesh WiFi would be good, but much more expensive. Guess it is all relative. I just blew $20 on another pair which should extend better signal into my shop. so $40 vs $200 to 300.

I have had no problem with audio equipment either, maybe your pedal is the issue, it should have a noise filter. Probably the motors of my power tools are more noisy than the PowerLine adaptors. As yopu say, the PowerLine adaptors may not work in ALL cases but when they do, they provide a reliable service at very little cost and will not be affected by concrete walls and will cover much more distance.

Some asked for pics of the shop. This are a fewimage image

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image image image


Color me with envy green. My current personal shop space is 3mX4m, shared with washer, drier, and boiler. That is why the optical comparator and all but one microscope are in my living room (available space as well as cleanliness)

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Ditto ! (and more characters)

My sympathies, my official workspace is even smaller (end of the laundry room shared with the hot water heater) and has spilled out into the finished basement (two tables for the Nomad and Shapeoko respectively, a small table I use for my machinist’s chest), a TV stand repurposed to hold a paper cutter and various tools/tooling — still need to find room to set up my 3D printer again.

That, plus more toolchests/boxes than I care to count (but have enumerated in other posts) and a pair of folding workbenches are how I get projects done.


My first ‘shop’ workspace was in an exterior laundry room with water heater, washer dryer and I squeezed a craftsman lathe into it. I could squeeze in as it was about 3x8ft area with the three appliances. Then a place with a leaky basement that I had to move my tools out due to the humidity.
I then had a 12x20 shop that was nice, built a 30x30 metal building and was in high cotton. Moved to AR and into a garage. Last home has a 24x40 shop and I have a good bit of semi finished basement for my lasers and other hobby items. I do love space. It takes time… It’s been a 40 year journey to get here.


20 some-odd years ago I lost a girlfriend because it was either the lathe or her.

She didn’t like the small Hardinge in the kitchen, but it was there before she was. It was a small apartment.

I do not miss that place. Or, for that matter, that neighborhood. I remain ambivalent about her.


My shop is 275 ft away from my WiFi in my house.
I use a WiFi point to point bridge and pick up my WiFi from my house through 80ft pine and oak trees. The speed in my hangar/shop is just as good as if it was hard wired in my house. It’s sent to you fully configured you just have to install the antennas and routers. Was ez peeZ
I can hook you up with the guys and equipment I used if you need it.
They were in California but after 16 years of being taxed to death they couldn’t survive there anymore and moved the company to the Carolinas.
They have the best solutions and support for specific issues that I’ve seen anywhere from anybody.
You just tell that what you need to do and they go through everything step by step to get you what your specific requirements are needed.
I went through many places trying to get WiFi to my Hagar without running a line then found theses guys. I have one of the owners personal numbers a he gave me awesome support even though they were in the middle of moving the company to NC.
CUSTOMER SERVICE is so hard to come by these days.

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Easy to find good CUSTOMER SERVICE at PwnCNC. Home of the best dust boot that I’ve ever had, and its Made In USA!

That is a great link to RadioLabs for my shop computers.

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