Realistic table space needed for Shapeoko 4 Standard

I received a Shapeoko 4 Standard this month, and I need to know how much depth is realistic. It says it has a 24” footprint. Is a 24” table deep enough? I have a super-solid 24”x48” table if it is, but I want to make sure. It only has about another inch or two before the wall at the back of it, and I can’t pull it out any more.

Also, what are the temperature requirements? I saw some people concerned about temperature and humidity while I was searching for and answer about the table space.

Thank you!

The machine is designed to fit on a 24" deep workbench (as the most commonly used size).

  • Footprint: 33" (X), 24" (Y), 19" (Z)

Temperature is discussed at:

I like 6-8 inches in front of machine. I use this space to lay my calipers and wrenches. I have a 10x2 inch plastic tray under the router in case the bit falls out when loosening the bit. If the bit hits the floor it is likely ruined.

Don’t squeeze yourself with just being big enough to accommodate the footprint. I have 4-6 inches around my XL on 3 /4 sides (not the back) and if anything I’d go bigger. The other consideration however is that if it’s on a table on wheels (like mine) remember if you get too big you’ll have problems moving around. Based on double doors into my shop and some obstructions on the other side of those doors, I’m just big enough to pass through those double doors so I really can’t be any bigger.

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There are two options:

  • one table for everything
  • multiple tables for each thing which needs to be done:
    • machine table
    • table for computer
    • area for endmills, collets, wrenches
    • area for workholding and associated tools (can be combined w/ endmills collets and wrenches)
    • area for prepping and laying out stock
    • area for holding cut parts and post-processing stock

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