Recalculate "Use Stock Bottom" tool path cut depths

I noticed that if I created some tool paths (specifically contour) that use the stock thickness/bottom of stock as the depth for the final cut, I have to go back and edit each tool path and click “use stock bottom” again for each one if I change the project’s stock size thickness.

It would be really convenient if all of these values auto recalculated/adjusted when changing the project’s stock thickness. This would make experimenting with different stock much more efficient, especially on projects with more tool paths that would otherwise need to be manually edited when changing stock thickness.

Starting in V6 and again in V7 use the “t” instead of “Use Stock Bottom”. In V7 when you save the file after updating the stock thickness the stock thickness is automatically updated. When you use “Use Stock Bottom” the CC program goes and checks the stock thickness. Then the tool path is calculated with the current stock thickness. It will never automatically go back and recheck stock thickness unless as you said you edit the tool path. The “t” means use bottom of stock and is dynamic. You must save the file after updating the stock thickness.

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