Recommendations for production companies?

Hey folks,
So I have some pieces I’m polishing up and thinking it might be time to find somewhere to have a hundred or so made for starters. They’re made of select pine and take about 6 hours to mill the five parts on the Nomad that I then assemble. Anyone have any experience with cnc-capable production companies (US, China, or elsewhere)? Also any words of advice at this point? Many thanks.

Do you have any photos that you can share?

No experience dealing with CNC on the production scale, but I have seen them working!
Some manufacturers have CNC machines that are multi-headed, it’s awesome to watch. 5 spindles all running at the same time all on the same X/Y rails. If you do get information and experience please share we all would love to know about it I’m sure.

Depending on the complexity, I know a few custom cabinet shops in my area (southwest Virginia) that have CNC machines that could crank the parts out if you had a big enough volume to justify the setup in their line.

I could probably help you improve the milling time too, because I I have a feeling that 6 hours is a bit long. Hit me up with a private message if you want to discuss it further.


Thanks @unionnine–a PM exchange with robgrz has given me some leads, but I may reach out depending on how all that goes. Thanks again.

Best of luck, and looking forward to seeing your product posted somewhere when you’re done with it!

Thanks–I look forward to sharing it!

i dont know if this will help but just asking like how complex are the stuff you are making like my projects take like 1 hour but thas bc i cant make the feed rate faster for some reson but if you get a 1.5 kw spindle you can make the feed rate way faster would love to see what you aer making