Recover job from a planning mistake

Hi everyone,

I have a job where I am cutting a 3D relieve about 10 x 17. The job has a roughing, finishing and then countour pass.

I just spent the last two hours running the roughing. Now I set my finish pass to a 1/8" ball but now I can’t seem to find my 1/8 ball ( I may not have had one…)

Can I rerun the file in CC as a 1/4 ball and just somehow skip thorugh the roughing cut? Would I need to maybe just run the job again and delete out the G code for the 1/4" rough?

Still have the same zero and work clamped down. Thanks for any help.

Yes, just disable the rough cut & save the file or post out the G-Code.
Double check your Z with the 1/4" ball before starting.


Disable! Great idea.

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