"'Redo" in Carbide Create

Would it be possible to implement a “Redo” in the Edit menu of Carbide Create, please?

When making a series of minor edits to a vector, if you go back a bit too far you can’t Redo back to the step you Undid from :frowning:

To supplement this request, settings within the “Job setup” menu shouldn’t be changed using Undo/Redo, but rather from within the menu itself, as any changes could be arbirary and not part of the vector design.


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Yeah, back when I taught folks to use Macromedia Freehand I’d set my undo stack to 100 and work through a task at full speed w/o comment, undo to the beginning, then redo one action at a time and explain each step and why it was done.

It’s a frequent feature request and I’ll add your voice to the folks asking for it.

I think it would be confusing for Job Setup to not be on the undo stack though — I can’t think of a single program which doesn’t allow for undoing such changes.

I look at this in the same way I would for any drawing, really. The canvas size can be changed using ‘scissors’ or ‘sticky tape’ independently of the image, editable with a ‘paintbrush’ :thinking:

Given that a lot of my life was spent modifying negatives, including their size using scissors and tape, that’s not an activity I view separately from painting (or retouching) w/ a brush.

Then we will have to agree to disagree, my friend :slight_smile: :+1:

I use the - control jet + x, this undoes , I can go back several steps without issues. Tom

Hi Tom,

I can undo, but I can’t redo!

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