Redoing the base MDF

Is there a CC/svg/pdf file somewhere for redoing the base MDF of a Shapeoko XL? Measurements, hole sizes/positions, etc.

Yes, we have the wasteboard files online at:

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I see some holes aren’t dimensioned in the XL pdf. Are they optional?

AIUI, the dimensions of such are implied by assumed symmetry and the dimensions of the other matching holes.

I started doing an XL wasteboard today. I don’t have the necessary tools to cut it to the exact size and that makes doing the holes even harder. It seems like the most important thing here is for the holes to be aligned with those on the plates and straps.

I was thinking I’ll put together the entire base with the Y carriages, that way I have it as one unit so I can put the MDF on it and mark the holes through the plates as it’s sitting on it.

Would that work or does this need to be exactly as specified?

Should be fine.

Lots of folks make replacement wasteboards just using transfer punches and a drill (or by just drilling through the existing holes).