Reflashing the Nomad using a Mac

Hello fellow travellers-

How are you all? I’ve done something stupid and would like some help: I’ve tried to ‘reflash’ the Nomad using a PC emulator on my Mac: Now nothing works (“GRBL error: Cannot open port for Nomad"). Could some kind soul please post DETAILED instructions on how to get my miller working again.

Many thanks!


London, UK

Probably won’t work in an emulator.

but use

instructions here:

You may need to install Processing and use a sketch to clear your eeprom if it’s corrupt.

Hi Will and Jorge-

Thanks for quick replies! I followed Jorge’s advice and unplugged all USB devices. I used the command ‘[System.IO.Ports.SerialPort]::GetPortNames()’ in Windows “Powershell” command line utility to figure out which COM port to use. As I have an EU version I then uploaded the ‘grbl-EU-5.hex’ file using “xLoader”. Now the miller is working again :slight_smile: (I use VMware emulator, btw.) I’ll come back to you, Will, if I ever have to ‘install processing’ and ‘clear eeprom’.

Thanks much both!


Hi Peter,
You should be able to reload GRBL using parallels, but I’m not sure about an emulator. These are the steps:
Grab Xloader form - This website is for sale! - russemotto Resources and Information.
Make sure the Nomad is the only thing connected to the PC

  1. Launch XLoader and select the COM port from the drop down menu on the lower left
  2. Select UNO ATmega328 from the dropdown list titled “Device”.
  3. Check that Xloader set the correct baud rate for the device: 115200 for Uno (ATmega 328).
  4. Click the browse button on the top right of the form to browse for grbl hex file. If using the interlock, choose grbl-EU-5.hex
  5. Once grbl hex file is selected, click “Upload”

That should do it, but if it doesn’t let me know and we can try avrdude on your mac