Refurbishing Old SO3 / Enclosure Build Log

Since so many folks helped me out here, I thought I’d share my journey of refurb-ing a used SO3 and designing and building an enclosure for it.

Designed in Shapr3d:

Link to full log:

I couldn’t find much info about creating a clean electronics layout, so I cheated and stole parts form a ready-made switched outlet. I 3d printed a box to keep the wiring from the wood, and milled a faceplate to cover it all up. If I were to do this again, I would have planned for a custom cabinet below the machine instead of the generic bench I ended up making. I will probably build a cabinet later when I finally invest in my own sawstop. I would also have made the cnc compartment wider, because vacuuming is a pain. Of course, one of the new SO3 limit switches died on me today, so I guess I will have some time off from milling to design that cabinet, until I get the replacement in the mail.


I tried that same power strip and two of the switches stopped working after a few months. That is why I built my own-- at least that way I can be mad at myself when it stops working :slight_smile: Looks great!

Thanks! The switches are still just connected with female crimp connectors so they are easily swappable with replacements if/when they die. For all intents and purposes the whole thing was rewired anyway because both chains were too short to sit end to end in the custom box with the faceplate. I had to cut new lengths of wire and recrimp almost everything and also lengthen the display wires by soldering short jumpers together (16 I think). My laziness caught up with me for sure!

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