Remove Start/Stop pop up while running laser

I am running into an issue using the Jtech laser (new 14W version) on my Shapeoko XXL Pro. When trying to run any tool paths from Vcarve Desktop (with the laser module installed), the Carbide Motion workflow makes every start/stop of the laser its own pop-up that needs to be clicked on the GUI. This leaves a split second of a time where the laser is burning after telling Carbide Motion to ‘start’ and when I then have to select for it to start moving. This is for every single vector line, meaning that every line has a small burn mark from that split second of waiting. Let alone have to click the GUI a million times to get any size vector to be engraved. Am I missing something? I have tried using the MDI and $32=1 to turn GRBL laser mode on, although it does not seem to change anything. Is there a specific process that needs to be had to make sure GRBL laser mode is activated? Any help would be appreciated. I know I am using vCarve over Lightburn but since I invested in vCarve, figured I would use its laser module as well, which may be the issue as well when it is building out to post-process for Carbide Motion?

Does enabling Spindle Control address this?

I just dedicate UGS for the laser, and CM for everything else. Works great
Since I have a side mount and need to re-zero anyhow

Success! (kind of…) It did remove the need to continue to interact with the GUI which was a massive blockage. I have seen this elsewhere and assumed it would be solved by the GRBL laser mode, that the initial start of each line still has a brief pause (assuming to bring tool speed to the correct setting), which then leaves a burn dot from the laser being ON and standing still. Maybe this is due to my improper MDI interfacing with the GRBL laser mode. I entered $32=1 in the MDI box and sent the code to the controller AFTER I loaded a new file, but BEFORE running the file. Does the MDI need to be interfaced prior to a new file being loaded?

The other option which I would want to avoid is using another tool like @cheu suggested. But open to it if it solves the current problem.

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