Remove Z threaded rod

I searched, can anyone point me in the direction of how to replace the Z axis threaded rod?


Is this on a Z-Plus? It’s integral to the motor.

Z-Plus ? It’s a 2 month old Pro XXL

I just received today from support new cables, installed with zero help.

See my video I posted of the Z axis “clunk”

It now only does it when using the bitsetter, everything homes, when it goes up on the Z axis before it gets to the top where it stops it skips. Tried this resetting 3 times with the same results.

I assumed that it was the Z threaded rod skipping.

P.S. Maybe you can get support to help, yes I have e-mailed and was supposed to have a video chat last Friday that got blown off.

The Z-Plus is standard on SO4s and Pros, so you have a Z-Plus, unless you’ve upgraded to an HDZ.

Please work w/ support to get these issues resolved. We’ll check and see what happened on the video chat scheduling.

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