Removing toolpaths in Carbide Create

when I am setting up toolpaths on my Shapeoko 3 projects and i create a tool path in the wrong order, is there a way to erase the path that is in the wrong order?

Another question that comes to mind is when I enlarge a drawing in Carbide Create, is there a way to school the image from one side to another?

  1. Right click on the tool path an select Move Operation Up to reorganize your cuts in the order that you want them.(you can also Delete them when you right click, there are several options available)

  2. Scroll? No, click on reset view and try moving your mouse around and then zoom in. Practice makes perfict

Wish you could solve both of my problems but you gave me one solution and I am grateful. I just tried it and it works great. Wish I had asked this question about a week ago. I would have saved me a lot of time

thank you

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