Renewed subscription to Pro

I was out of town and didnt renew in time. I subsequently renewed but I am still unable to use pro. It still says my subscription expired. How do I take care of this?

You can check your license at:

scroll down to:

If that doesn’t work, let us know at and we will do our best to look into this with you.

Do as @WillAdams suggested but maybe try this.

Here is my Pro license file. I have obliterated my license key.

Name: Guy Donham
Start: 2022-07-09
End: 2023-07-10
Type: Perpetual-365
Version: 001-1
-----END LICENSE-----

So the license key is held in the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide Create in the license file. If your old license file is still in place substitute your new license file and restart CC to see if that fixes your problem. I suspect the Verify is date encoded on the C3D server and verifies your end date of CC Pro. Just keep your old license file just in case there is some other verification method that C3D uses. I have not renewed but I would suspect you get a new license upon renewal. Or as @WillAdams suggested maybe the new key in in the


Thanks so much. The customer service for these products are second to none!!!


Guy, thank you also!!!

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