Repeating same job without remeasuring?

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I was wondering if there is a way to do the topic title task. We are cutting out small acrylic panels however between each job (panel), the machine has to retest the tool even though its not changing. I understand in general why it does that but is there any workaround to avoid this? It would save a substantial amount of time.

We are currently using Fusion 360 with Carbide Motion

On a Nomad? You’ll need to use a 3rd party communication / control program. The Grbl folks have a list at:

The community has a further list at:

I will take a look at this, thank you for the quick response Will

UGS works well.

Ugs-tool-option-controller option - then enable “t1m6” in the Regular expression pattern remover.

Another good recommendation, software looks good I’ll take a look, thanks vince

If you are using the same gcode file for each run you can also just load that gcode into any text editor and delete the “M6 …” command line as that is what tells motion to do a tool change. I have some electronic boxes I use the Nomad to cut out holes for various items in and when I run them I do 20 pieces at a time and someone on this forum gave me that tip. Just be sure to use a fixture to hold your work piece in the same position each time and hit run and it will go to work.


Correct- this was an optimization we added for files with no tool changes in them. If there’s no M6, the Nomad will skip a lot of the pre-run checks.


When running a gcode file on Carbide Motion, I find it very useful to be reminded to check if the right tool is in the collet.
However, it would be awesome to have an extra button in the dialog box that skips the tool length measuring step for situations where I am absolutely certain that the tool is in the machine and has already been measured (which happens very frequently in my workflow).

We’re working on a new version of CM that will reduce some of the “double checking” that we currently do. Should be available in a month or so.


That is great news Rob, we’ve been satisfied with how carbide motion operates overall, but quality of life like that would help immensely.

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