Request for tool details expansion - 2 places

I did a search and found similar requests, but not actually answered before they were closed, so I"m kind of hoping to drum up some interest.

I have a request for 2 changes:

  1. Expand the Tool Number field to allow more than three characters - and let those be alphanumeric. I have a number of bits, some of which have numbers that are 12345-k or even longer. Not sure why this field is limited to ‘999’, but it would help me to identify which bit is being required during tool changes.

  2. With the BitSetter, I’m now bundling all bits into one gcode, which is really convenient - however, when it comes time to change bits, I often have to go and look up which bit is which. This is partly due to request #1, because I have to take my long-numbered bits and give them a 3-digit “Code” which has less meaning, but it would be nice to get more info out on that dialog. It would be easy to include the Brand, Number, even geometry of the bit…it’s only a dialog box, afterall.

Addendum: Someone suggested before, adding a “Comment” to the tool library entries. If you did that, and included it in the tool-change dialog, I could use that to do everything else.

By the way, I realize that this post impacts Carbide Create as well, but I didn’t want to cross post it. Let me know if I should.


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I was using the Tool # as more of a custom serial number for a specific tool/material and trying to track endmills and their usage by attaching Post-it notes to the cases — yeah, that didn’t work out well and got annoying real fast.

I’d like to work up something a bit less irritating than that, but which was more flexible than a paper notebook (though that’s what I’m going to go back to — hang on for a thread on that).

I’ve put your request in in our internal feature request system so hopefully it will make it in a future version.

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Great! Thanks! The goal is to provide enough info during tool change to make it obvious which bit to use…any of those three would do it for me (larger alphanumeric number, more fields from the tool description visible in the dialog box, or a comment field)…or all three! :slight_smile:

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