Request: Probe for X & Y in one step

I realize this is a petty request, but it would save me some time so here goes.

I have v2 of bit zero, and I like how the process works for probing X, Y and Z (for those times I have Z set to the top of stock). But there are times when I want to set the Z zeroed to the bottom of my stock, and use BitZero to find my X and Y. So I have to probe for X, then once that is done probe for Y. Both of those cycles make the same movements. I’m assuming adding an option to probe for “X and Y” (in one operation) would not be very difficult to add.

And it would also be nice if I could set a default probing option, or have the software remember my last selection. The combobox object (to select X, Y, Z or X, Y and Z) is difficult to use on a touch screen.


I am not sure what machine you have or what you are looking for exactly but here goes.
Here are 2 g-codes you may find useful. (1.8 KB) (2.3 KB)
One to set is for X & Y zeroing and the other for XY&Z in G-code form using the Bit Zero.

As far as remembering your last selection. I find on my SPXXL when I shut down and come back the next day, If I go To the “Rapid Movement” screen there is a “Go to last XY position” and it does just that.
I hope this helps.

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Great request. Also, can we loose the Bitzero v1 prompt? Can those settings be moved to setup tab?

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Those aren’t gcode. Those are CNCjs macros. They won’t work anywhere else*.