Rerunning carbide motion

I am new to CNC and am loving it. I have run a few jobs now and had something strange happen on my last job. After starting the job I realized I had not rezeroed my Z. Luckily the only thing that happen was that it was barely cutting. I stoped the job, set the Z to 0, left the X and Y as they were, and restarted the job. I notized that when it started cutting the X and Y both were about 1/8 in toward the + direction. I thought that it should have started at the same place as it did the first time. Does this mean that you can’t rerun a job if you stop it.

Yes, it should be possible to re-run files.

It sounds like you had a mechanical issue which caused a loss of steps — please check the machine mechanically — belt tension, pulley set screws, &c.

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