Research language before creating

Please research correct spelling of a word or phrase before pushing the start button! HaHa ! I found out now after the fact that Charcuterie a French term. So Charcutery is not the correct spelling. Well back to the table


Hey you are not the first to misspell a word. I have done it several times. The most important is when you get people’s names misspelled. For instance Debra and Deborah, Dillon and Dylan and a few others like that. Always when making an object for someone else have them spell the names and make sure you can read their writing. There is nothing more useless than a personalized gift with a misspelled name.

Nice work even if it is wrong.

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At least it’s not a tattoo. :upside_down_face:

No Regerts you Muther Luber

When in doubt, ask the French guy on the forum :wink:

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