Reset of controller - major fail

It appears I have given my XXL a lobotomy. I reset my controller to the “default” settings following these instructions…
And know my machine has lost its mind. It will zero, but it is basically not reporting its location correctly. In other words my XXL has 830 MM X axis. When I send it all the way to the left it is reporting it is at -415 not -830. Any idea what I did? And more importantly, how do I fix it?

UPDATE - Changed the dip switches on the controller board from 1/4"to 1\8" and we seem to be back. I have a first generation controller board, and if I recall correctly 1/4" was the correct setting. Not sure what happened to change that. I did install the latest carbide motion prior to the lobotomy. Any ideas? perhaps 1/4" is the correct setting and it is another issue.

No, 1/8 micro-stepping is the new default. You should be good to go.

Thank You Will! Was that a change in CM?

No, originally, the Shapeoko 3 used 1/4 stepping for some reason (and a lot of users changed it to 1/8) and the Nomad used 1/8 — at a later point they standardized on 1/8 and eliminated the switch.

I don’t think CM has a preference for micro-stepping — that should be an electronics setting on the board (or hardwired as the newer Carbide Motion Machine Control Boards do), and the number of steps settings ($100, 101 and 102) in Grbl (which is stored in EEPROM on the Arduino portion of that board).

So, I think I know the answer this question, but… I am going to ask anyway. Is it safe to assume that these changes will not effect my work flow with the Vectric post processor I am using? And my G-code files do not need to be reconfigured?

Correct. The gcode files use either mm or inches. Translation to steps is done in Grbl. So the only thing that has to match is the stepper driver and the grbl setting.

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