Reset Zero at Bit Change

Hey there! I’m using the Advanced Vcarve feature in Carbide Create. My project uses 1/8" endmill and 30 degree v bit. The 30 degree bit is longer in overall size including the shank. I need to reset my Z zero when I change bits. If I use a collet to avoid having to reset, my shorter bit shank doesn’t go into the router enough to be safe. I ended up having to reset zero when it was time to change bits and then ghost run the 1st half of the entire run. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there not a way to reset zero and continue the run?

The expectation is that a BitSetter will be used to manage the tool length offset for Advanced V Carving.

If you don’t have a bitsetter, you can split the Advanced VCarve GCode into two files, one for each tool.

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