Resetting work zero

i wanted to learn how to get back to a previous work zero.
i homed the machine, cleared offsets and jogged to a random point.
Took pictures of numbers and zeroed it.
Reset machine.
The only way i found was to jog manually to the numbers?
Is there a way to type in the numbers to jog to?

Click on the jog button than the rapid position button and then there is another button inside there that says current xy. Just make sure there is nothing in the way. That is if you are using Motion.

I clear offsets so I’m working in an absolute reference frame, then take down the coordinates. To return, I clear offsets to return to the absolute reference frame and then on the MDI page type in “G0X__Y__” (filling in the blanks), then if desired “G0Z__”.

G0 means rapidly reposition, and I split the Z into a separate command out of an abundance of caution. I’d rather move the long distance at constant top height.

Note that there are things in G-code for Work Coordinate Systems and so on, but clearing offsets to be in absolute space is the easiest, most straightforward method to return to a particular spot in Carbide Motion. I’ll do the above, set X0/Y0, and probe Z0, and I’m ready to go.


The easiest thing I’ve found is to just use fixtures which are keyed to a particular rapid position point as the origin:

  • put in fixture
  • go to matching rapid position point
  • set zero for all axes
  • move over to stock, set zero for Z
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Thanks, i assumed that entering gcodes to get back were the correct way but i was not familiar with the specific codes.

@moakley8 Do you mean returning to previous work origin after you’ve changed it to be somewhere else? Or just keep using the same work origin.
For what it’s worth, if you don’t use CM, you have an abundance of work coordinate systems available. Really handy when you use the machine with any consistent jigs.

yes, if i wanted to stop a job and continue the next day, especially if the machine was turned off

Same zero? No changing of zeros in between? It will remain.
Home your machine and go to zero. It’ll be in the same place it was yesterday.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Carbide Motion, but I really hope it doesn’t clear your offsets automatically.

Yes, with carbide motion it stores the previous zero. So you can turn the machine off, come back, load your job file and continue. (assuming the job is split into multiple files)

However, to be clear, you cannot stop the machine and turn it off mid job file, and return to the previous cutting point. (You CAN just pause the job, turn the router off and leave the controller and the PC on, as long as it doesn’t go to sleep you can just resume later)


In CM, on the left side where it shows your position coordinates, you can switch between relative and machine coordinates by clicking on the title above the numbers. The machine coordinates will always be negative, since machine zero is in the back right corner. For simplicity, I move to the rough location I want my jig to be, then fine tune it to whole numbers, then set my jig up in that location. Then I can just send the command to go back to my jig zero, which would be the format (for example)

G53 x-300 y-360 Z0

You don’t have to put all of the numbers in but I always put Z0 so the router moves to the top to avoid things on the table. Be careful with absolute coordinates, as the machine will try to move where ever you tell it… even if it’s outside the machine limits. If you forget the minus sign, the machine will move right/back until it hits the rail limits, possibly breaking belts.


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