Resolved: Cutting a window frame

I want to cut a window frame out of an enclosure door to fit a perspex sheet, but the door is glued so I can’t take it apart.

In profile, it looks like the image below (sorry about the crap drawing - I’m left handed :wink: ) and the shaded area is what I want to cut out, with a 6mm rebate for the perspex to sit in.

I’ve used (a = 37mm) as the stock height, (c =11mm) as the start depth, (d = 6mm) for the DoC for the rebate, and (b = 18mm) for the DoC of the cutout, but this looks wrong in the simulation.

Would it be better to use (a - c = 26mm) or (b = 18mm) as the stock height, with a higher retract height to miss the frame?

I’ve attached the file, if it’s useful to see the design rather than my poor drawing :wink:


Window Cutout.c2d (19.7 KB)

I would fully support the center of the door panel you want to cut, and then zero your bit to the top surface of the panel. Then the dimensions a and c are not needed.


That makes sense to me!

Would it also make sense to zero the workpiece at that height, too, and adjust the workpiece dimensions accordingly?

No worries, most of my freehand drawings are crap too, and I’m right-handed :+1:
It is a balance between efficiency and diligence and in most of my cases, efficiency wins.

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