Resolved: Export from CC to CM not as expected

So I’ve designed my new spoilboard and saved the gcode but, because it was mentioned on here, I thought I’d export the gcode directly to CM and see how it works. That was a mistake.

Although it started off quite well, cutting the t-track slots and the countersink hole in the NW position, it moved to the SW and did this along the way (small groove on the left):

…and then stopped. Job finished.

Except, there was a load more cutting to do.

When I loaded the *.nc file into CM, it cut everything properly, at least until I paused it, but that’s a different story!

Is there a limit on importing directly into CM compared to loading the *.nc file into CM, please?

I’ve gotten one incomplete transfer — please use the view G-Code function to verify that the file is complete — put in a feature request that there should be a checksum or other automated verification.

I haven’t looked yet, but I’ll check the view G-Code thing out later.

OK, will do.

It is unfortunate that this happened but I had read elsewhere on the forum that the send to machine had been removed in the newest version of CC but I have not tried it.

I recently made a torsion box for my Shapeoko to sit on. I created a PDF about how to make the torsion box but I included in it considerations for making a spoil board. I can see in your pictures that you are not running your t-track slots all the way to the back. This may be on purpose but the Shapeoko cutting area for the Y direction included cutting off the front of the machine. That means if you make a 32x32 spoil board you cannot surface the back of your spoil board. That is just a limitation of the cutting area of an XXL but the ridge that would created if you surface your spoil board would cause any projects that are larger than the cutting area to not sit level on the spoil board. You may not want to tile projects but if you do it could cause problems.

Take a look at my torsion box instructions. I made several sections about leveling your spoil board.

torsion_box.pdf (2.0 MB)

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The wasteboard is actually 32" x 36", and I turned it around to cut the front part of the t-track slots - quite successfully, as it happens.

I was thinking about cutting a slot underside so I could turn the baseboard around and have a lip over the front, but probably won’t because this might affect the flatness of the board.

I’m also hoping to cut a hole outside the front edge of the frame and in the worktop so I can cut the edge of timber boards, to make fancy dovetail alternatives, but that will have to wait awhile!

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