Return of Random Disconnects

A few months ago I converted my semi-Carbide machine to fully Carbide by installing a Carbide controller to replace my Sparkfun controller. I have done a few simple signs but not much since.

Lately I noticed that when I go to the machine it is disconnected even though the computer is running. I have to power reset the controller to get it back online. Today I went to make a replacement wasteboard based on a design I have used several times. Simple peck holes for the inserts, recesses for the mounting bolts, trim around the edge. Very simple.

Started the job and at about 30% it froze and the controller USB port was frozen. Powered the controller to get it to reconnection. I tried to recover the job but I ended up burying the bit and the collet and almost starting a fire.

What can I do to make the controller more stable? Is this a new static issue? Is it some Carbide fluke I am not aware of?

Also if this happens again is there any way to recover? Can I write down the coordinates before I zero and then re-home and jog to my previous origin coordinates, reset and go?

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The XYZ coordinates should be persistent (if you’re using homing switches).

Usual causes:

  • worn carbon brushes on a trim router
  • changing humidity
  • external load such as a compressor on the same circuit

Any advice on restarting a job?


Not fluent in gcode but I don’t think this would actually work in my case where I have done a power reset to reconnect. Seems like I would have rehome before sending any commands which is why my bit crashed when I tried to resume(?)


Zero is preserved over a power cycle, and re-homing usually does not shift the absolute position by much

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When I retrofitted the Carbide controller and wiring harness I got lazy and didn’t redo some of my antistatic wiring. Hooking that back up seems to have stopped the disconnects for now.


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