Rezero Z after Tool Change?

(Luke) #21

I like the line

“There is a piece of 1/8″ wood between the aluminum and the table. This is because the cutting tool will be going all the way through the material. To prevent gouging our beautiful aluminum threaded table, we use the wood as a sacrificial layer.”

however there is a gauge in the front left of the table, just poking under the stock :slight_smile:

story of my life…

(Ryan Detzel) #22

I’ll have to try this, kind of a pain to basically run multiple projects instead of having the software pause but better than guessing.

(mikep) #23

Not on SO3.

(Ryan Detzel) #24

Seems like this is more of a “leave this nice feature for our expensive machines” vs being difficult to do.

(mikep) #25

No, not really. It’s more likely a “we know where the z probe is on nomad, and probes are not required equipment for shapeoko 3” thing.

(William Adams) #26

When I worked up my design for a holder for the Carbide 3D Probe, one thing which I considered was positioning the Probe so that it could be used as a tool length sensor — once that’s in place it’s just a matter of working up the necessary commands. Won’t be supported officially since it’s a potential point of error (Probing when the Probe isn’t in place).