Rhino to Carbide Create Issues


I have a couple of issues with importing dxf files from Rhino 5 to Carbide Create. Both occur simultaneously (for the most part).

Issue 1:

Tool Path: In choosing the correct areas to pocket, it appears it is going to pocket the area in the dotted area, but when I click “Ok” it pockets the entire design.

Issue 2:

Missing Polylines: Seemingly setting up everything correctly on Rhino (I can lasercut, vinyl cut, etc)… I import a file to Carbide Create, make a new tool path, and the simulation shows missing polylines.

Anyone have any suggestions?

(I will be uploading photos soon… taking a little bit to upload)



1 - please post the files and we’ll look into them.

2 - when Carbide Create generates a preview it first does an optimization pass where it discards small objects which ought to be too small to show. Sometimes it gets that wrong.

Washington Huskies Logo.dxf (2.3 MB)

Pedal Board Design.dxf (224.9 KB)