Rikon Magnetic Work Light

I bought a magnetic base work light from Woodcraft.com. The light was on sale for $39.00 half price. There are two ways to mount the light. The pic shows mounted on the Shapeoko. I intend to use it on my lathes, band saw and any place that is dark.

Check it out. The light is very bright and you can focus the beam.


This is a light with significant extra features as a quick survey of the manual shows.

Batteries Required: 3 - AA or 1 - Lithium 18650 (not supplied)

Approx. Operation Life: AA = 3.5 hrs, Lithium 18650 = 5.5 hrs

Use with 1 Lithium 18650 Battery:Remove the AA battery holder and install the optional Lithium battery holder. Insert the Lithium battery into the holder with the positive + end facing forward. Screw on the end cap, then press the button to switch the light on/off.

Add a couple of 18650 batteries and a re-charging block, and you have an all day battery powered LED light by alternating / charging the batteries.



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