Rockers for Chair

Made a set of rockers for a friend. Designed in Fusion, imported OBJ file into Aspire for toolpathing. Two sided milling operation. material 2" thick Red Oak. Roughing .25" 2 flute down spiral @ 85" ipm with .12 doc. Finish with .25" ball nose @ 100" ipm with a 9% step over. Total milling time was around 7 hrs for both rockers. Rocket radius is 54" and length of 32.5".


Now that is a terrific idea, great job, thank you.
ps, did you screw them to the bottom of the legs or just glue them? Probably not needed unless the kids like to jump out of the rocker, who doesn’t?

Rockers are held in place by screws; yes from the bottom

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