Router doesn't pick up at start of program

After initiating run the program goes to the load bit screen but does not pick up.

If I hit continue, it still does not pick up and scores the work face.

Is this a software or hardware problem?

I’ve tried this on two different projects with the same results.

Ok… I figured out my problem. In settings the pickup depth was set at 0.000

I normaly set at 24 mm to be 1 inch off work surface and room to change the bit.

Don’t know how it got set to 0…

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Something similar happened to me a long time ago, the safe height was reset to a very small number like .02mm and scored my workpiece. Since I had never changed this field, I was puzzled as to how it got changed.

Many people have pointed out this happens on strange and rare occasions over the last few years… it is a bug. However since no-one can reliably recreate it Carbide3D have not been able to fix it…


Ok… it happened again

When I changed the board size from a 7 by 7 to a 5 by 5 it went from 24 to zero.

Well - IF you can do that again repeatably then you need to send it into on behalf of all of us - and then perhaps it might get fixed !

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