Router is running to the end of X and Y axis then binding


Recently just put together a Shapeoko 3 and have been trying to get it up and running successfully. we have all the motors plugged in properly and everything assembled as shown in the manual. my issue is when i send a Gcode File to Carbide Motion, hit go. the x and y axis just go straight to the corners and the belt starts skipping. this has happened once and i unplug it before it hits the end now when trouble shooting. im using makercam for the cam software, seems pretty straight forward but im sure this is where im going wrong. im not sure how to calibrate the end points on the XYZ, theres no switches like our 3D printer for it to know the ends on its travel. if anyone had any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it, im sure its just something simple im missing.


Hi Dave,

The important idea here is the concept of where “zero” is to the program, because the Shapeoko3 doesn’t know where in it’s work area it is in an absolute sense, only a relative one, and that’s dependent on where it has moved since it was turned on.

Before you can run a job you have to set the zero, and you want to make sure that zero in your physical work area matches where zero was relative to your geometry in MakerCAM.

So you know, it’s not the belts that are skipping, it’s the motors themselves just missing steps. The machine is designed to tolerate that kind of “hard-stop” interaction on occasion, while it’s certainly not desirable!

Before you run the next job, go to “move cutter” and jog the machine to your work piece, to the appropriate corner to match where “zero” would be in MakerCAM, and then set your zero for the file. Then give that a try!

Thank you for the reply!

so i figured out how to zero the machine in the carbide motion software but when using makercam im not able to find out where to set its zero point. i think this is where i am going wrong. i downloaded a trial of meshcam and started playing with it but have not exported anything yet. i want to get it working with maker cam first to atleast make sure everything mechanically is working perfectly. what cam software are you using?

I personally use Fusion360’s integrated CAM and MeshCAM primarily.

The “zero” position in MakerCAM is noticeable as the intersection of the solid dark lines as opposed to the dotted-lines that compose the rest of the unit grid.

You can find a lot of commentary and tutorials on MeshCAM both here and on youtube, as well as on the GRZsoftware forum,

Tutorial 2 that comes with the Nomad would also be applicable for the Shapeoko3, so something to take a look at also:


The origin in MakerCAM is at the origin of the imported .svg — you’ll see a heavier line if you drag down and to the left or zoom out.

This is discussed in

It, other resources and more information are at: