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I heard a sort of rattle in the carbide compact router. No other speed issues. Just the rattle started to get worse. Pulled it apart and the only thing I can find is the bottom bearing was covered in dust and dirt. Spray of WD40 and airblast cleaned it up. But also now it feels worse. Seized a little.
Question what lube does it need? And shouldn’t this be a sealed bearing? I can run air and wd40 through from one side to the other?

Probably a bad bearing — while it’s the same as for the Makita RT0701/0700, we don’t expect folks to replace them — write in to and we’ll do our best to get this worked out as quickly as we can.

Never use WD 40 as a lubricant. WD 40 is a good penetrating oil but it dries and leaves a waxy goo behind that is not good for lubrication. WD 40 was designed to dry water from distributors on cars (Water Displacement WD). The sealed bearings are very hard to get any lubricant into. You can try to remove the seal but at the point that the bearing is making noise is too late to save the bearing. As Will said you can get replacement bearings. I would replace both top and bottom because they were likely made at the same time and you already have it apart anyway.

You can get a new Makita for about $99.00 on Amazon and have it in a few days. Ordering the bearings will take longer and sooner or later you will be back in the same boat. The Makita will use your C3d precision collets and the spare brushes. C3D is having the router made for them and is a clone of the Makita. So do you think the C3D router is made better than the original or maybe made cheaper?

Depending on which mount you have my Dewalt has worked flawlessly. The Dewalt is 69MM and the Makita/C3D is 66MM. The older Shapeoko 3 has a 69MM mount with a ring to reduce the mount to 66MM. The newer machines may have a 69MM but many come with a 66MM router mount.

The advantage of the Dewalt is the body is longer than the Makita/C3d and gives you more Z depth if you have a Z-Plus. The disadvantage of the Dewalt over the Makita/C3d is the Makita/C3d runs a little bit slower.

If you are still in warranty let c3d replace it. If you have to buy a new router then get a Makita and/or Dewalt.

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To follow up I sent an email to carbide3d and they had a new router on the way in less than 24 hours. Could not be more impressed with the service and care of this company.

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