Router movement upon deepest plunge - need some expertise

Oh yes Patrick, it was you that suggested that and it has worked so far. I guess I didn’t change the router mount to the other screw holes when I flipped over my z plate, so it made my router stick up way too high. I was able to change the location of my router this afternoon and I’m gonna give it another try in the next few days when I have some time off of work.

I’m sorry @d_dubba_u I should have at the time told you to change the router mount position when you had the Z plate off. Unfortunately my memory cells are not as well lubricated as they were when I was much younger. I too am only feeling my way and it is a steep curve so stick with it. Good luck with your progress.

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This how mine is mounted and I believe how the instructions show it. My way of thinking says,“Build it as perfectly stock as possible, then once everything is working it’s time to fiddle with things.”. I only say that because if you never see it running as designed then it’s hard to tell when it’s not working right. I’ve not always stuck with this plan and it’s beat me up in the end. I’ve been working everywhere from aircraft maintenance to aerospace manufacturing for 27+ years and the first things I ask when I get called down to the production lines with an issue is,“what does the drawing say?”, “Why didn’t you build it per the drawing?”, and,“What happens if you build it per the drawing?”. Sometimes that ends up being just an exercise and there’s a valid reason to build other than as drawn, and other times it’s like magic and everything works great when the drawing is followed. My point being is you need a baseline and if you get lucky baseline ends up being the same as the ultimate solution, other times it’s a good starting point towards the ultimate solution. As you can imagine I’m both loved and hated at the factory, but they continue to pay me, so I keep showing up, haha!!!


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Couldn’t agree more Dan. Hence my photo above that came from the Shapeoko assembly instructions on the Wiki.

Hey Dan and Patrick, thanks for your help with this… Here are pictures of my machine after making those changes. I think that I should be good to go, for a little but anyways. I really thought that I was following the assembly instructions well, but I guess not. Haha!! I really appreciate your time and help with me on this.


@d_dubba_u Thanks for the feedback. Like you show above, I run my Makita well down in the mount and I have an 18mm MDF wasteboard sitting on top of the Carbide supplied base board. This works fine for most of what I do (up until the present anyhow). Happy CNC’ing


Hey, the Carbide3D logo is right side up ! How’d that happen ???

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Pulled the sticker off and reapplied? :wink:

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Pulled it off and turned it the other way