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Hey Will,
I wasn’t sure however I did think that it would make it substantially more rigid. im guessing without it might cause issues?


Exactly what Will said :wink:

Adding a second sheet will turn that from a flat sheet supported by some braces into a full box section and will only lose you 18mm of space on the lower shelf.

Might not cause any problems without, but given what you’re building already, I think the extra material and effort is well worth it.

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Awesome. I like to plan for the future so something robust is a must, not wanting anything that’s only gonna last 6 months.
Only thing left for me to plan now is the doors but ill do those as I go along in the build I think.

When you build up the table section, it occurs to me that if you’re using timber rather than accurately sawn ply or MDF for the verticals between the top and bottom face sheets assembly order may be important.

I’d suggest something like;

  • Get the top MDF sheet flat and level on your work surface, shim if necessary, use a long straight edge to check it is all flat
  • Check the timber for straigtness on the face that will attach to the top, correct if necessary
  • Attach timber to flat top surface, keep it flat and level
  • Check and level the faces of the timber that will attach the bottom face
  • Attach bottom face

If you have a table saw or similar to put the timber through to get consistent height of the vertical braces that will make the job easier.



I’ve checked the thickness of all the 2x4s I am going to use for the top and they are all the same down to 0.1mm. My table saw isnt the best so they would probably end up worse off if I put them through there xD.
I do plan to build it as a platform I.e bottom first then frame on top then the top panel. As for squareness I’m comfortable with levelling the top with the legs as I did before so dont see it being an issue. Hopefully.
My best bet is going to be checking measurements and gaps as I build regularly.


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